About Us

Vet General Hospital Group, LLC aka Vet General acquires and operates animal hospitals primarily in the U.S.

It’s been 25 years since our partners and colleagues have founded the Vet General private veterinary clinic operations network. Importantly, the basic principles of our operations have stayed the same to this day.

We always put these 5 principles above everything else and we apply them in our veterinary practice daily:

We’ll Keep Your Pet Healthy

Any Pet

Did you know, that the US citizens currently own more than 2 pets per each person? But regardless of whether you own a parrot, a saltwater fish, a dog, a cat or a turtle – our professional and caring veterinarians will be more than happy to assist you with getting your friend’s health back on track!

Sell Your Practice

If your veterinary practice generates an annual revenue greater than $1.2 MM, you’re eligible for a free evaluation.

Fair Pricing & ER!

As opposed to a majority of other veterinarian clinics in the area, we’ve always focused on providing value rather than only making money. Our various brands will never deny help to any American family owning a pet. An additional advantage of having our own 24/7 ER makes us your only natural choice for pet healthcare!

That's how much lower our prices are, compared to our competitors.
Recovery rate for our patients.
Number of returning pet owners, who sign up for our bi-yearly health checkups

“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent.”

— Milan Kundera

We are always hiring new interns and qualified doctors. If you just recently graduated from a medical school or looking to change your career path, consider working for Vet General Animal Hospitals.


Q: What cities do Vet General Brands / Practices operate in?

Vet General Hospital Group owns, operates, and or partners with animal hospitals in the following cities: Chicago – IL, Cleveland – OH, Orlando – FL, Nashville – TN, Los Angeles – CA, Indianapolis – IN, and Houston – TX.

Q: What areas are Vet General or its partner brands coming to next?

As of 2023, Vet General Hospital Group, and its subsidiaries, through its partnership with Bark Spa Salon Group, are planning to open new practices in: Miami – FL, Coral Gables – Fl, Boca Raton – Fl, Naples – FL, Windermere – FL, and Tampa – FL. More info coming soon!

Q: I'm retiring and i'd like to sell my practice... What's next?

If your veterinary practice generates an annual revenue greater than $1.2 MM, you’re eligible for a free eValuation. Please send an email to: