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Vet General Hospital Group, LLC is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Bark Spa Salon Group, LLC.

Since the pandemic the retail industry has changed in many ways. Nevertheless, in many ways these changes have created unique opportunities for retail and service brands across the United States.

A Strategic Partnership

Pet parents will be able to sign up to receive upscale and quality grooming services, while simultaneously being able to get their fur baby its annual check up, all under one roof!

Are You Selling Your Practice?

If your veterinary practice generates an annual revenue greater than $1.2 MM, you’re eligible for a free eValuation.

Vet General Hospital Group is acquiring local veterinary practices from all over the U.S. For more information about selling or partnering with Vet General, please email us today.

A Full Service Business Model

In today’s Amazon friendly, convenience focused, world, consumers look for an experience mixed with ultimate convenience when shopping for products or services. Vet General and Bark Spa fully understand this dynamic in the marketplace.


This strategic partnership will be a game changer for the retail and pet service business model showcased in retail shopping centers.

Vet General Hospital Group has built a solid network of local veterinary clinics, brands, and partners.

Bark Spa and Vet General, along with private investors have committed over 37 million dollars to fund this unique partnership. Each hybrid store location is estimated to earn a combined 2 – 4 million per year offering services like: Basic Veterinary Services, Surgeries, Urgent Care, and Upscale Grooming Services. Both companies plan on opening over 30 new locations across the U.S. in 2023 and 2024.

Modeled after human urgent care, Vet General offers coordinated, convenient, and compassionate veterinary care for non-life-threatening and life threatening conditions after regular business hours and on weekends. Vet General complements pet owners’ trusted family veterinarians and alleviates the case overload at emergency hospitals. The first location of its kind will be in Downtown Miami in one of the most populated dense pet friendly cities in the country.

The clinic is staffed by an experienced emergency medicine team and will be complete with a modern surgical suite, laboratory, digital X-ray, ultrasound, and cutting-edge software that allows for an efficient workflow for team members.

Meghan Johnson, head of business development, at Retail Synergy, commented, “We are thrilled to be offering veterinary urgent care in the top Florida markets. The need for urgent care in the veterinary space is high to alleviate burnout in our teams and to provide a stronger continuum of care. Pet parents love the after-hours and weekend options, and our healthcare network appreciates the extra hands when they’re overloaded. It’s a win-win for the community in every respect.”

Each 3 in 1 hybrid store will be separated into 3 complementing businesses. When customers enter, they will be able to enter the pet supplies retail store and browse premium pet products. As they walk around, they will see the entrance for the Vet General Animal Hospital on one side, and on the other side of the space they will see the separate entrance for Bark Spa Salon. Everything pet parents need, all under one roof, in one location.

Both Bark Spa and Vet General are both acquiring and merging with local pet grooming businesses and veterinary practices. Anyone interested in selling their pet grooming business or veterinary practice please contact Bark Spa or Vet General directly on their websites.

As of 2023 Vet General Hospital group and its subsidiaries are reorganizing and relocating their HQ offices to St. Petersburg, FL.

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